The Sacred Duties of Guardians: Be a Guide On the Side for Your Children

In the sacred journey of memorising the Quran, guardians are entrusted with the pivotal role of nurturing young hearts and guiding them towards a life of purpose, virtue, and faith. At Al Hasanain Academic Institute, we recognize the profound influence guardians play in shaping the futures of our students. With this profound awareness, we outline the duties of guardians as partners in our collective mission to foster holistic growth.

1. Pray For the Success of your Child: Prophetic Way

The first duty of guardians is to consistently supplicate to Allah (SWT) for the spiritual and moral growth of their children. These heartfelt prayers pave the path for a blessed journey of Hifz and knowledge of divine revelation.

2. Regular Attendance: Commitment to Learning

Guardians ensure their children’s regular attendance, respecting the sanctity of education and the importance of consistent engagement.

3. Punctuality: The Art of Timekeeping

Guardians adhere to specific drop-off and pick-up times, emphasizing the importance of punctuality in the learning journey.

4. Communication and Leave Requests: Written Not Verbal

Requests for leave are submitted in writing, underscoring the significance of formal communication. Absences due to emergencies or illness are promptly communicated in writing, reflecting a commitment to sincerity.

5. Emergency Notifications: Partnership in Care

In case of emergencies or illnesses, guardians inform the responsible Ustadji and provide a written explanation upon the child’s return, exemplifying their partnership in safeguarding their child’s well-being.

6. Regular Communication: Collaborative Engagement

Guardians maintain open communication with the responsible Ustad, fostering a collaborative environment that supports the child’s growth.

7. Active Participation: Engaging in the collective effort

Guardians actively participate in institute programs, contributing to the communal spirit and ensuring their child’s success.

8. Adhering to Routine: Nurturing Discipline

Guardians ensure their children adhere to the institution’s routine, fostering discipline and consistency in their learning and character development.

9. Monitoring Progress: Reviewing Monthly Reports

Regularly reviewing monthly progress reports and personally submitting them to the designated Ustad reinforces the commitment to stay informed about their child’s journey.

10. Prioritizing Hifz Program: Dedication to Quranic Learning

Guardians prioritize the Hifz program above other engagements, reflecting their deep commitment to the child’s spiritual growth.

11. Home Environment: Reflecting Values

Guardians cultivate a religious home environment aligned with the Madrasah’s ethos, promoting a harmonious blend of learning at home and the institution.

12. Communication with Ustads: Active Engagement

Guardians must maintain direct communication with Muhtaram Ustads, creating a bridge between home and school. It’s recommended to book an appointment before the meeting.

13. Following Instructions: Upholding Discipline

Following the institution’s instructions, even on holidays and Fridays, instils a sense of discipline and respect for routine.

14. Encouraging Reading: Cultivating Knowledge

Encouraging children to read age-appropriate books nurtures character and knowledge, complementing their educational journey.

15. Moderating Technology: Fostering Purity

Limiting screen time and technology usage nurtures an environment where Islamic teachings shape character and consciousness.

16. Cleanliness: A Part of Faith

Guardians emphasize cleanliness as part of faith, teaching children the importance of cleanliness in body and dress.

17. Personal Care: Grooming and Hygiene

Guardians teach children the importance of personal care by emphasizing nail cutting, hair cleanliness, and dental hygiene.

18. Uniform Adherence: Respect for Identity

Ensuring children wear the prescribed uniforms reflects respect for identity and fosters a sense of unity and discipline. 

19. Quality Time: Building Bonds

Guardians dedicate quality time during holidays or leisure, nurturing a strong bond and understanding.

20. Future Planning: Setting Goals

Creating clear goals and plans for a child’s future underscores the importance of purposeful planning and aspirations.

21. Gentle Encouragement: Balancing Support

Guardians provide gentle encouragement, considering a child’s abilities and fostering a balanced approach to growth. Please do not pressure them. 

At Al Hasanain, guardians are valued partners in the journey of nurturing strong minds, hearts, and souls. Through these shared duties, we strive to create an environment where education, character, and faith flourish harmoniously. Together, we guide young hearts towards a future enriched with knowledge, integrity, and the radiant values of Islam.

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